Westlakers are all the past students and staff of Westlake Boys High School.

"Westlake has now come of age when many of its past students look back and reflect on what their school has done for them. I am one of those people. I often think of how Westlake shaped me, my son and the thousands of others whose lives have been enhanced by an outstanding education underpinned by excellent teaching and wonderful experiences beyond the classroom.”

- Graham Darlow, (1968 – 1972), Westlake Community Foundation Chair and former WBHS BoT Chair


Greig Buckley
(1969 - 1973)

Blair Moore
(1978 – 1981)

Where are they now?

Sam Lucas

Sam has created "Onja" which offers a teaching program free to high school graduates in Africa.

Jack Salt

Jack has signed his first professional contract to play basketball in Poland, after finishing his senior year at Virginia University.

Winston Cowie

Winston has recently been awarded the "Al Dana Pearl Award," for his excellence in environmental policy.

Jordan Stanley

Jordan has recently been appointed the new Assistant Coach at the Cambridge University Boat Club.

Nick Evans

Nick this year has been inducted into England's Premier Rugby Hall of Fame. 

Alex Magaraggia & James Calver

Alex and James are recent recipients of the Chivas 'Sustainability Award' for their Ecoware packaging business.

Watch more Westlaker videos below

Brady Arblaster (1988-1992)
Tony Buckingham (1963-1966)
Peter Burn (1957-1961)

Graham Darlow (1968-1972)
Lester de Vere (1972-1976)
Dale Gooding (1995-1999)

Jeff Knight (1984-1988)
Andrew Nicoll (1981-1985)
Jimmy O’Brien (1977-1981)

John Russell (1961-1965)
James Skinner (1997-2000)
Bill Smale (1965-1969)